Mirian Otxotorena

Organic Cheese Factory Axuribeltz

Iturgoien NAVARRA

Shepherdess and producer of handmade sheep cheese, as well as lamb meat and organic Axuribeltza colt. It also produces its own cereals and legumes for its animals.

Today it has a herd of 250 Latxa and 50 Sasiardi sheep, as well as 15 mares. Their animals graze in Urbasa and Andía for 6-7 months.

In addition to production, she also runs the Casa Nabarro rural house and carries out different activities such as guided visits to the cheese factory with organic cheese tasting and a visit to the sheep and mare herd in the Sierra de Andia.


Raw sheep’s milk cheese. Guided visits to the cheese factory and herds in the Sierra de Andia.

San Antón Street, 15 Iturgoien, Navarra, Spain

+34 619402384